Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snowy Day Cowl

I finally finished a knitting project! Yay! This is the Snowy Day Cowl by Emily Platzer. This was designed for Fancy Tiger Crafts, which happens to be a really awesome yarn shop that is now online. I actually found this shop by listening to the Woolful podcast (which I LOVE!). Fancy Tiger Crafts was a sponsor, so I checked out the shop, subscribed to the blog, and looked at their patterns on Ravelry... and found The Snowy Day cowl being modeled by the lovely Ysolda Teague. (I have a bit of a girl crush on her...)

I knit my version in Blue Sky Alpacas yarns. I used Bulky in Claret for Yarn A. It took me 5 skeins to get to the right size. I used Metalico in Silver for Yarn B. I only needed a single skein of this. The yarn was a dream to work with and this cowl is unimaginably soft and squishy. I need to find another project for my single skein of Metalico though. I thought that this project would require two skeins and I never touched the second one. Maybe some mitts?

The pattern is really interesting. It uses a slip stitch pattern to alternate between a superbulky and a sportweight yarn. It's a simple 4 row repeat that is really easy to memorize. The cowl is reversible. I like the front side that highlights the superbulky more than the reverse side that highlights the sportweight, but I love that it can be seen on either side.

On a really blustery day, I can pull the cowl up over my head like a hood. Then my whole face gets to rub against this luscious yarn. I have to say that this cowl is exceedingly warm. It is definitely a cowl that is best used during the coldest parts of winter!

I knit this cowl until it was about 22" long and 24" around. After blocking, it grew and is VERY tall... but it is PERFECT!!! I am so happy with this project!

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